Association of Educational Sciences Studies was established in Ankara on 01.11.2011 to operate in the fields of education and culture, with 06-103-021 generation number. Association of Educational Sciences Studies is a scientific organization formed by people working in the field of education and social sciences in Turkish Culture Geography. Serving to the development of social sciences in Turkey includes working in this way or supporting to the works, encouraging the growth of research in the social sciences, contributing to the Turkish intellectual life through research and publication. In addition to this goal, the association aims to “increase communication between social scientists in Turkish cultural geography and to create rapport and cooperation among foreign colleagues and to create common working opportunities”. Association of Educational Sciences Studies conducts scientific studies to realize the aims stated above, finds resources to support researches, organizes scientific congresses, conferences and symposiums, publishes publications, evaluates various possibilities for scientific dissemination and development. On the other hand, by contacting to the outside world, the association follows scientific studies, tries to develop external relations, and in this way, it provides resources to continue its existence and for its activities.