II. International Symposium of Education and Social Sciences on Turkish Geography

The organization was held in Gaziantep University Nizip Education Faculty in Gaziantep-Nizip on May 5-7, 2016. Symposium theme was “Turkey in the EU Process”. Chairman of the Association of Educational Science Studies, Asst. Prof. Ümit POLAT, pointed out that the International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences in the Turkish Geography of Culture was planned to be held in another country in 2017, again under the auspices of various universities. On the first panel of the symposium titled “The Unity in language-opinion and work in the Geography of Turkish Culture “, was moderated by Prof. Ilyas DOĞAN from Gazi University, Faculty of Law. In the panel; the dean of Faculty of Education of Gaziantep University, Prof. Mehmet ÖZARSLAN and the dean of Nevsehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University Faculty of Education M. Dursun ERDEM made their presentations.

For the symposium, science committees from 50 different university and 16 consultative committees were established.