Publication of Studies

The abstracts of all papers shall be published in the summary book before the symposium, the full texts of the submissions sent within the period of time will be published as the book section, and the converted texts may be printed after the referee processes of the following journals.

In our activity, 3 options are offered for publication of accepted papers.

Option 1

There were some negotiations for the publication of the texts, prepared in full text and passed the referee process of the journal, in a special volume in the journals scanned in the index of ERIC. If the participant who requested the publication of the paper submits their work in English, his paper will be published after the referee process. Special discounts were given for the prices of the journals.

Journal of Educatıon and Training Studies

200 (Dolar)

International Journal of Higher Educatıon

300 (Dolar)

Universal Journal of Educatıon Research

230 (Dolar)

International Educatıon Studies

400 (Dolar)

Option 2

Full text papers are planned to be published as an international book in Azerbaijan.

Option 3

Printing in the abstract booklet.


Etkinliğimizde en iyi olarak seçilen ve tam metin haline getirilen 3 çalışmanın belirlenen dergide yayın masrafı organizasyon tarafından karşılanacaktır.