Abstract Submittion Rules

Oral Presentation Abstract Writing Rules

  • The abstracts to be submitted must be prepared using the Windows MS Word program. The font in the program is Times New Roman, line spacing is single, margin width is 2.5 cm for all margin. and page should be in the format of A4.
  • The title of the paper should be written in capital letters, font size is 12 in bold and the line centered. A blank line should be left after the title and the name and surname of the writer or authors should be centered and the first letters should be written in 12 pt, and a sub-line should be filled with institutional information and e-mail address. After leaving a space, the abstract should be written in capital letters, 12 points in bold and the line should be centered and “summary” should be written. 12 digits from the bottom line and the line summary text should be written in bold with 1 cm indentation in the paragraphs and no spaces between the paragraphs.
  • After the summary text, the beginning of the line should be 1 cm indent and 12 points of “Key words” and two points should be put, then 3-7 key words should be written.
  • There should be informations about method, findings, discussions and recommendations for completed studies, in the abstract of the paper which includes 200-500 words.
  • The summaries prepared in the way that stated above are required to be uploaded to the online registration system.

Poster Presentation Abstract Preparation Rules

  • In order to prepare the abstracts of the poster presentation, the rules for preparing the oral presentation abstract mentioned above apply. However, in the poster summaries, before the title of the abstract, “poster presentation” should be written in capital letters 12 pt. , with centered line.

Paper Presentation Rules

  • For oral presentations, each lecturer will be given 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for question and answer.
  • Everyone who will present a poster, need to take a seat, during the poster presentation session. Details of the poster presentations will be reported to the poster owners who are accepted.