I. International Symposium of Education and Social Sciences on Turkish Geography.

The organization was held by the cooperation of Educational Sciences Research Association and Sinop University on 1-3 October, 2012, in Sinop. The theme of the Symposium I was determined as “Developments in Education Sciences in the Geography of Turkish Culture” from the Early Ages. In the program, whose theme was “The Unity in language-opinion and work in the Geography of Turkish Culture”, the first panel was moderated by Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Karadağ from Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University . Rector of Gediz University Dr. Seyfullah Çevik, Vice-Chairman of Sociologists of Turkish World Society, Asst. Prof. Ebulfez Süleyman and former TİKA President Dr. Öner Kabasakal made presentations. In addition to the establishment of 50 different universities science committees and consultative committees from 16 countries, the Student Representative’s Board was also established from student representatives from 30 countries.